Duke Medicine Timeline

- Hospital Expansion

The first wing is added to Duke Hospital.

- Army hospital authorized

The 65th General Hospital was authorized as an affiliated unit of the Duke University School of Medicine on 17 October. This unit, staffed primarily by Duke University Medical Center doctors, served as a general hospital with the 8th U.S. Army Air Force in England during World War II. 

65th General Hospital unit preps in front of the Chapel

- Alumni association organized

Duke's Medical Alumni Association is organized.

- Nobel prize nominee

For his studies of the metabolism of the tubercle bacillus, which eventually led to effective medications, pharmacologist Frederick Bernheim is nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Frederick Bernheim

- Nursing education degree

The School of Nursing launches a bachelor of science in nursing education degree.

- Directorship of Highland Hospital

Duke assumes directorship of Highland Hospital in Asheville. Duke's Department of Neuropsychiatry, under the direction of Richard S. Lyman, provides mental health services to patients in western North Carolina.

Highland Hospital

- Research building opens

Bell Research Building opened as the first building of the medical center that wasn't connected with the main buildings.

Bell Research Building

- LPN Program

Duke’s licensed practical nursing (LPN) program begins. Although there were already several others in the state, Duke’s is the only one in North Carolina established exclusively for training African American nurses.

LPN nurses at desk

- First Black consulting physician

Dr. Robert Dawson is appointed as the first Black consultant to the Department of Ophthalmology.