Duke Medicine Timeline

- Duke Endowment established

James B. Duke establishes The Duke Endowment and directs that part of his $40 million gift be used to transform Durham's Trinity College into Duke University.

- Bequest to improve health care

James B. Duke makes an additional bequest to establish the Duke School of Medicine, Duke School of Nursing, and Duke Hospital, with the goal of improving health care in the Carolinas and nationwide.

- Construction begins

Construction begins on the Medical School and Duke Hospital.

Construction site of the Duke School of Medicine

- Dean selected

 Dr. Wilburt Cornell Davison is elected Dean of the Duke University School of Medicine and Hospital on 21 January.

Wilburt C. Davison seated at his desk.

- Students selected

3,000 applicants apply to the new medical school. 70 first- and third-year students are selected, including four women.