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Highland Hospital building

Highland Hospital Digital Exhibit Now Online
Posted On: April 30, 2024 by Rebecca Williams

Last summer we unveiled the exhibit, Highland Hospital: Portrait of 20th Century Mental Health Care, which documents the management, patient care, and educational programs of a residential psychiatric hospital located in Asheville, North Carolina. We are happy to announce that digital version is now available online.

Like the physical exhibit, Highland Hospital features photographs, administrative documents, promotional brochures, and newspaper clippings from the hospital’s history.  The exhibit explores the history of one regional hospital during the twentieth century including the daily life of its patients and the educational programs available. We hope that this portrait encourages you to… MORE

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This is Part 3 of a multi part series on the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine & Environmental Physiology (CHMEP) and the records held documenting CHMEP at the Medical Center Archives. In this blog post, we spotlight the Atlantis Dive Series at the CHMEP.

Part 1 “Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine & Environmental Physiology”, gives a brief history of the Duke CHMEP.

Part 2 “NASA, the Apollo Program, and the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine & Environmental Physiology”, highlights the work the CHMEP did with… MORE

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