Your Story Matters! Documenting COVID-19 at Duke

COVID-19 has changed and disrupted our lives, at Duke and around the world. On campus, most students have returned home, classes are online, and all events are cancelled. Many staff are working from home; others that are deemed essential continue to work on campus. The hospital is preparing for an influx of people infected with COVID-19. Duke researchers are trying to find ways to fight the disease, from identifying treatments to creating better protective equipment.

And we all live with the fear of the physical impact of the virus, both for ourselves and our families.

The Duke University Archives and the Duke University Medical Center Archives have been hard at work to document this unique time in history. We have been capturing all of the news alerts, email updates, Duke COVID-19 websites, and online research symposiums. As much as we are able to gather online, these materials only tell a part of the story.

We would like to hear from students, staff, faculty, and other people who live, work, or study at Duke. (Durham community members, connect with the Museum of Durham History to share your stories!)

If you are interested in sharing your story--through writing, photographs, film, or other means--please fill out this online form. Signing up below does not obligate you to submit anything, now or in the future. Signing up simply permits Archives staff to reach out to you periodically to let you know about options for submission, and you can opt out of receiving these notices at any time.

You’ll be able to submit your story to the University Archives and Medical Center Archives, where it will be permanently preserved and made available for research. We recognize that you may want time to reflect on your experiences and will continue to collect stories on an ongoing basis. The submission process will include options for keeping your name anonymous; in that case, your contact information would be known only to the staff of the University Archives and Medical Center Archives.

Most importantly, please know that your story matters. We want to hear yours. Please contact us with any questions.