Duke 100 Centennial Spotlights

Duke University was established in 1924 when James B. Duke, through the Indenture of Trust, designated a gift that transformed Trinity College into a comprehensive research university. The entire university is celebrating Duke’s centennial throughout the entire year of 2024. As part of the centennial celebrations, Duke is spotlighting important individuals from the past 100 years. Below are the Duke Health individuals featured in January-March 2024 along with the archival collections and resources from our collections where you can further research these individuals.

Bessie Baker Bessie Baker     
First Dean of the Duke School of Nursing     
Her professional papers: Bessie B. Baker Papers, 1930-1941


Wilburt DavisonWilburt C. Davison 
First Dean of the Duke School of Medicine 
His professional papers: Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1979 



David SabistonDavid Sabiston    
Surgeon and former chair of the Department of Surgery      
His professional papers: David C. Sabiston Papers, 1887-2010       
Collection of oral history interviews: David C. Sabiston Oral History Project 



Brenda ArmstrongBrenda Armstrong
Pediatric cardiologist and former SOM Senior Associate Dean  
Archives Blog Post  
Transcript of talk given at "Tea with Trailblazers" event, 2008 


Robert CaliffRobert Califf  
Cardiologist and former Director of the Cardiac Care Unit    
Robert M. Califf Oral History Interview, 2007-2007  
Transcript, 2007     
Transcript, 2019


Mary Duke Biddle Trent SemansMary Duke Biddle Trent Semans 
Philanthropic leader in health care at Duke and Durham 
Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans Oral History Interviews, 2006-2007 
Transcript, 2006 
Transcript, 2007 


Bill FulkersonWilliam J. Fulkerson 
Former Executive Vice President for Duke University Health System (DUHS) 
William J. Fulkerson Oral History Interview, 2019      



Del MeriwetherWilhelm Delano “Del” Meriwether 
First African-American to graduate from the Duke University School of Medicine 
Wilhelm Delano Meriwether Oral History Interview, March 7, 2008 
Transcript, 2008 





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