Your Story Matters submitting content FAQs

When you are ready to submit, you will fill out a form with your contact information and how you wish to make your submission available. Through this form, you will give Duke University the non-exclusive right to make your material available for research. You will be asked to briefly describe your submission, including a title, if you have one. At the bottom of the form, you will be able to attach your submission (multiple files and/or formats are OK). If you have a submission that is too large to be deposited through the form, or is in a format that isn’t digital, please contact us [link] about alternate ways of submitting your work.

For digital submissions, you have the following choices:

  • Make your work openly available on the web.
  • Make your work available for research or teaching onsite in the Archives (using a designated secure computer) for five years, then make it openly available on the web.
  • Make your work available for research or teaching onsite only in the Archives for twenty-five years, then making it openly available on the web.

In all of the above cases, you also have the option to put a five year “embargo” on your submission. This means that the submission would be described in our collection guide, but unavailable for research until the five year period is up.

For non-digital submissions, materials will be available only in the Reading Room. You also have the option of the five year embargo as described above

Unless you have an embargo, the submissions will be made available for research or teaching on-site in the Medical Center Archives. If your project is digital and you give permission, we can also make your submission publicly available through MEDSpace, the Duke Medical Center Library & Archives digital repository.

We will store your name in our secure internal content management system. Your submission will appear as “anonymous” in all public description and will not be revealed to any researchers.

Yes, you can submit materials as many times as you’d like, although we recommend submitting no more frequently than once a month. Note that we can’t replace older submissions with updated versions.