Your Story Matters - Other FAQs

Yes! By submitting your work, it simply grants us the right to keep a copy of your work. You retain the copyright and can use your submission for other purposes (course assignments, publications, etc.).

Yes, you can! To help future researchers connect the parts of your story, you may want to include notes referring to places your story has already appeared.

You may opt to limit or restrict access, or remove your name from the submission, but we will not remove submissions except in cases where the submission contains a violation of HIPAA laws or other legal policies.

Your story materials should also be in their final form when you submit them. We’re unable to replace older submissions with updated versions. We recommend you submit materials only when you feel ready; we’ll be accepting story submissions on an ongoing basis, so there is not a rush. If you do submit your story materials and then find that an addition is needed, please submit the addition as a new file.

This project is a joint effort of the Duke Medical Center Archives and the University Archives.  If you are part of the Duke Community and have a story you wish to contribute, we will ensure that it preserved in the appropriate location.  Please visit the University Archives for information on their project.