Step 4 - Label Boxes

Label the front of the outside of the box with:

  • The name of the transferring office or department
  • The types of records contained in the box
  • The chronological range of the box’s contents
  • The box’s sequential number within the transfer

The box’s sequential number should represent both the box’s unique place within the transfer and the total number of boxes being transferred. For example, a transfer of 5 boxes should be labeled as shown:

  • Box 1 of 5
  • Box 2 of 5
  • Box 3 of 5
  • Box 4 of 5
  • Box 5 of 5

Labeling Example: if two boxes are transferred from the Department of Medicine, and the first box contains job files dating from 1994 to 1995 and the second box contains correspondence and photographs dating from 1983 to 1996, these boxes will be labelled:

Department of Medicine
Box 1 of 2

Properly labeled box. Using pencil is ideal, but if only pen or marker is available that is also acceptable.